Grenada: A Thriller Moving as Fast as a Hurricane

At first I was quite sure I would not be able to get a hold of a book from Grenada, but then I found Hurricane Fever by Tobias S. Buckell. I haven’t been too thrilled about many science fiction books, because they are mostly a bit too far out there for me, but I have to be honest and say this books was as much of a science fiction book that all the other books in the genre of fast-paced adventure thrillers.

The book definitely had the pace of a thriller, as well as all the twists and turns. I liked the main character, former secret agent Roo, who lives on his catamaran in the Caribbean. He shares the boat with his orphaned teenage nephew. “No man was truly an island unto himself. But nowadays on a boat you could get pretty damn close. Roo had been sailing around the world aboard a catamaran for long enough to feel fairly comfortable as a modern vagabond.”

Roo’s former colleague, Zee, gets killed, which draws Roo back into his old lifestyle. He wants to figure out who killed Zee, and why. Suddenly Zee’s sister appears, and things start to happen. The global conspiracy they try to figure out is a dangerous one, and no one is safe.

What I really like about the book is that it is set in the Caribbean, and it’s told from a Caribbean point of view. It seems like we only hear about the area when hurricanes hit and destroy, there’s some money laundry scandal, or then the most common theme; Americans on vacation, or buying holiday homes. We rarely hear about day-to-day life on the islands, but from this book I got some glimpses of what life can be like in places surrounded by water, where hurricanes are the norm.

The book is a typical fast-paced “global disaster awaits us” thriller, and it ranks well in the genre. It does however have the one major problem quite a few of these thrillers have. It doesn’t hold up until the last page. The last twenty pages did just not do it for me. Quite frankly, it is getting harder and harder to find fast-paced adventure thrillers with a good ending. The plot moves forward in a fast pace, there are twists and turns, and I absolutely love twists I wasn’t expecting… It all looks really good, but then… the ending is too fast, boring, predictable, and on a lower creative level than the rest of the book. Happens too often for me.

I will definitely pick up another book by the author, because I like his writing style, the setting, and the characters. My review of the book might sound a lot harsher than I intended it to sound, but I just can’t but wonder why so many books in the genre can’t carry a good story until the end.

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