Macedonia: Philosophy Taking Over

One of the interesting things about looking for authors and books from all around the world is that it is impossible to predict what kind of books, themes, and writing I can expect. I knew that I would not have a wide variety of books to choose from Macedonia, but luckily I found a few books by the same author. I did not really have any expectations, so I ended up choosing Conversation with Spinoza: A Cobweb Novel by Goce Smilevski.

This book turned out to be the first philosophical book I have encountered so far during my reading challenge. Apparently Smilevski has been interested in philosophy and Spinoza for a long time, and he had wanted to write a book about Spinoza since he first heard about him. Not familiar with Spinoza myself I dug into the book, which was probably a mistake, but then again, the whole point of the challenge is to learn new things and get to see sided of this world I have not seen before.

The book is short, but as always with philosophy; it is not the length, it’s the content. Parts of the book is written from the point of view of three characters: a narrator who is a spectator, a narrator who turns to Spionoza, and a narrator who is Spinoza himself. Rarely have I read a book with afterwords explaining the book, which again explains that it is not the easiest book for a reader to interpret.

Because I have not studied Spinoza I did definitely not get everything out of the book. However, a part of the book is explained at the start: “The threads of this novel are spun out of conversations between you and Spinoza. So wherever there is an empty space in the words of Spinoza, just say your name and write in the blank space”. This is defintitely not a book for everyone, but I would highly recommend it to readers interested in a different way of writing about philosophy or anyone interested in philosophy.

Unfortunately the book is not set in Macedonia, so I am still looking for a book written by a Macedonian, and set in Macedonia. This will have to do for now.



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