Nicaragua: Adam, Eve, and the First Sin

I tried to look for books set in Nicaragua, written by a local author, but luck was not on my side. The search for all this books is frustration at times, but then again it is part of the fun researching literature in all the countries. Sometimes it really bugs me when I know there is a book I would like to read, but I cannot get it. Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand by Gioconda Belli has absolutely nothing to do with Nicaragua, except that the author is originally from there.

I do not have to give a brief overlook of the plot this time. This book is about the beginning of humankind, not the evolution one, but the bible version. It is about how it all started with Adam, Eve, and the first sin. I do not know what genre this book would or should belong to. Maybe fanfiction? I guess even religious books like The Bible, or maybe even especially these books, have a lot of stories and books written based on them.

Adam and Eve are in the Garden of Eden, there is a snake, and an apple, we all know the drill. The book is a version of what life might have been like and what happened in between everything that was written in the bible. The book gives a possible insight to what was going on during the first years of the human world, which is the basis for our modern Western society.

The first part of the book is building on the myth of Adam and Eve, giving an interpretation of what Eve was like, is quite good. The second part of the book that focuses more on Cain, Abel and the twin sisters was not as entertaining in my opinion. What I like about the book is that the serpent gets a bigger part in the story, and it is not seen as a fully evil creature. Gioconda Belli is a poet, which gave the book a certain flow and a new layer to the story.

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