Seychelles: How Brutal Can Humans Be?

Micronations and small island nations are the biggest challenge for me to finish reading one book from every single country on our planet. After I have been looking for a book for months and I finally find it, I am always pleased. It does not however say anything about how good or bad the book is, and quite often it is almost impossible to know what to expect since so few people have read and rated these books. The only book about the Seychelles I could find is sadly not written by a local, but by an adventurer and explorer, William Travis: Beyond the Reefs.

I always try to find something positive in every single book that I read. I really tried to look for something good in this boo, but I simply could not find anything. First of all, if you are considered an adventurer and explorer, I would think there would be many things to write about, but Travis only seems interested in killing animals, one way or another.

I do understand that locals on islands around the world live off the sea, but I do not understand how someone who is utterly bored with his own life as a pilot finds so much enjoyment in harpooning turtles to death, as well as diving for shells just to kill the animal so he can get the shells. Travis is said to be a nature conservationist, but to me that is often said about people doing questionable things in the name of this and that. There were glimpses of him questioning the ways of what the islanders did, but since he seemed to get a lot of enjoyment from joining them, I do not have any sort of respect for a person like this.

The two things I got out of this book is that thankfully these days are in the past and that the islanders have an interesting language not resembling any other, with a restricted vocabulary and an attitude towards learning English. This was back in the days, so maybe it has changed by now.

I hope that one day I will find a national author, and then I will definitely read a book from Seychelles again. The book that I just read I cannot recommend to anyone.

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