Ukraine: What Happened in Ukraine

I was surprised when I realized I haven’t read a single book written by a Ukrainian author. Strangely enough I couldn’t even think of one single Ukrainian author. I started looking up literature from Ukraine but turned out it was not so easy to get hold of many of the books. I was lucky enough to find The Museum of Abandoned Secrets by Oksana Zabuzhko as an e-book, and that is the book I decided to read for my read the world challenge.

I had absolutely no clue what the book was about, or that it’s a chunkster. It really is a big book in many ways. I bet Oksana has put a lot of time and effort into it, not just because its over 700 pages, but because everything in the book has actually happened. The things have not happened to the people in the book, because they are fictional, but to others, and then the author skillfully got all these happenings made into a book.

The book takes us through sixty years of Ukrainian history, centering around three women and the secrets from their past. The book encounters for everything between the Second World War to the Orange revolution, such remarkable events for Ukrainians. It deals with many general issues women like to focus on in life, like love, sex, and friendship.

I enjoyed reading the book from time to time, and during those pages I felt like the story was smoothly moving forward. Unfortunately, the book is simply too long. I did smile a few times while reading, because the length, and some of the events were so Soviet Union. I can’t find a better way of explaining what I mean. One of the women in the book is a journalist, and I liked reading about her life.

It doesn’t really matter if I like the book or not, naturally I prefer if I like it, but it is vital that I remember the book. No matter if I think it’s the greatest or the worst read, as long as I remember it. That’s when I feel like the author has made a real contribution. If I really can’t stand a book, then I’m sure there is someone out there who will love it. This time around I simply forgot the book immediately after I finished reading it.

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