United Kingdom: England Back in the Days

The problem with a country like the U.K. is that there are simply way too many books to choose from. I read a lot of books from the U.K., so I decided a long time ago that once I get to this point in my reading challenge, I would simply read the next book in my pile. I was a lucky girl indeed, since that book just happened to be The Evening and the Morning by no other than Ken Follett.

I have been a fan of Follett and his books for some time now, and I have in fact read every single one of his books I’ve gotten my hands on. There are a few from the beginning of his career I haven’t been able to find, but other than that I’ve read them all. Follett is an amazing storyteller, and extremely diverse in choosing his topis. Most of his books are historical fictions or thrillers, my two favourite genres.

The Evening and the Morning did not disappoint me. It did take a while for me to get into the whole story, but once I got there I was hooked. I actually had to stop reading a few times because I was so angry with a few of the characters in the book, that if they were real and would have stood in front of me, I might have used physical violence. Then you know it’s good writing when you react this strongly towards fictional characters. I won’t get into detail what the book I about since it’s the prequel to The Pillars of the Earth. If you know it, you know it.

I love the way Follett really emphasizes on the worst in some people. They are so evil, and you simply can’t wait for the day they will have to pay. At the same time the good people suffering due to the evil people, are not perfect, just humans, trying their best to survive in a world where evil seems to prevail. It is one of many strengths in Follett’s book in general, and if this element is missing, I long for it.

The historical aspect is great, and I rarely get to read books set around 900-1000s. The way Follett describes the towns and the river makes me feel like I’m there. It also reminds me of how in some respects we have evolved as humans. At least now women are free in England, and it is no longer legal to own slaves. Unfortunately, we always seem to find ways to torture other people. For some reason I am also drawn to the stories about monasteries, alehouses, and different craftsmen. My favourite character is the female lead. I can’t imagine going through everything she had to go through in life.

Highly recommended!

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