Uzbekistan: Ten Short Stories

Uzbekistan is a country that somehow manages to slip through my fingers in a way that I don’t know much about this country. After searching for a book from this country for a while, I realized there’s one I can get my hands on. I wanted to find a novel but finding a collection of ten short stories is the closest I got. A Collection of Uzbek Short Stories by Mahmuda Saydumarova is a good introduction to life in Uzbekistan.

Since it is almost impossible t find anything else to read from and about the Uzbek people and society, I find this book to be important. It is actually a great idea to introduce your country to people unfamiliar with its people and habits, because you get to read stories written by several different authors.

It is a fast and short read, a small insight into life in Uzbekistan. The country is young, because it was “born” when the Soviet Union ended, but in fact it has a thousand-year long history, and many tales to tell. The stories in the book are varied and written for several points of views. There is for instance a realistic sounding story from the times of the revolution in 1917, and a story about a literature teacher who turns out to be a dunce.

It is hard for me to choose my favourite story, but it might be “The Bride’s Revolution”, a story telling the reader about customs in Uzbekistan, and the relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. So familiar, yet so different. I enjoy it that the stories are from different times, and that they are about different subjects. One of the authors is also said to be the Chekov of Uzbekistan. One day I hope to read a novel from this country.

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