San Marino: Pottery and Arms

The first and smallest microstate is a real challenge when it comes to finding books and authors. Turns out it is mission impossible. There is not a single fictive novel written by a native to be found. I knew from before of one “book”, more of a booklet, or an old info leaflet for tourists, written in the 1960s, called A History of San Marino by Giuseppe Rossi. It took me a long time to find it, but after a year or so looking for it I found it on a Hungarian Antikvarium’s website. I ended up ordering it in Hungarian. It was quite a challenge, since I knew about ten words before I started the process.

I felt it was a cute and nostalgic little book, but most definitely also dated. The pictures are exactly old timey, and something you would only see in history books and museums nowadays. The text has some interesting historical characters in them, and most definitely things I did not know about San Marino and its history. I did however miss stories for instance about how San Marino became a nation. At least I would think it would be a vital part of a historical book.

It is quite hard to write about a short booklet like this. There is nothing really about how San Marino works when it comes to politics and economy. There is a lot of information about pottery and weapons, which gives a unique and different insight to the microstate, but it says nothing about its people, food, music, or sports. Times were different back then to say the least, but it would be nice to read an updated version of this booklet.

Maybe one day one of the somewhat famous football players will write a biography, and we might get a more insightful view of what life in San Marino is like. I have found it to be interesting that Europe has turned out to be the second hardest larger geographic area to find books from, due to the microstates, after the Pacific islands. Some of them seem to be almost impossible to get hold of the one old book set there and written by a local. At least I finally ticked off San Marino from my list.

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