Luxembourg: Short Stories about People in a Small Country

I have been looking for a book from Luxembourg for ages. There are books, but only written in the national languages, or books set in Luxembourg written by foreigners. Since I’m approaching the end of my read the world journey, and Luxembourg is the only empty space in Europe I was extremely happy to see that there is a fairly new English books publishing house in Luxembourg. I bought On the Edge by Anne-Marie Reuter and was pleased to receive it yesterday.

To my surprise I got two small parcels from Luxembourg. Turns out they first sent me their latest book by mistake, which was published this week, so they sent me the one I actually bought immediately after they realized they made a mistake. I get to keep them both! Such a nice gesture. Instead of desperately looking for a book from Luxembourg I am now in possession of two! I will most definitely get to the other one, one day soon.

On the Edge is a short and quick read, filled with mostly very short stories, and one longer one. It is well-written collection of thought-provoking stories. It took me by surprise how deep the stories are, since some of them are over before you know it. Doesn’t matter because they are good. I would have liked to have more, and preferable longer stories, since I’m not the biggest fans of novellas and short stories. Luckily there are good ones out there as well.

A couple of the stories are quite memorable. The longest one is about a man and his wife and daughter. they live the typical rich life in Luxembourg, but turns out they have run out of money. It takes a lot of courage for him to tell them, and their reactions might surprise you. Another good one is the first story in the book, a story about a person checking out an apartment with an agent. The apartment clearly isn’t up to Luxembourgish standards.

All in all, an enjoyable, albeit short read. Hopefully more locals will write in English, or have their books translated.  Happy to see a teeny tiny country having a new publishing house for books in English.

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