Tonga: Myths, Legends, and War

As it seems to be like with islands in the Pacific, it is difficult to find books from these countries, and I was only able to find one from Tonga. Luckily, this is a book that can actually be found online. I was eagerly waiting for the physical book to arrive, but it took its time. It finally arrived, and I immediately started reading it. A Providence of War by Joshua Taumoefolau is a chunkster filled with myth and legends.

This is a saga set several thousand years ago when the aging king of the greatest empire ever to exist in the region is finally enjoying peaceful times. There are however rebels out there trying to take the king down. This book is a mixture of fantasy, tales, history, myths, and Polynesian culture.

I am not the biggest fan of fantasy literature if there are a massive amount of humanlike mythical creatures in the book, but this one is definitely different from the ones I’ve read before. The most interesting parts of the book are Pacific customs, and the “real” things I learned from the book. I also enjoyed reading about the war itself, with all the pacts, betrayals, murders, and every possible thing you can think can happen during wartime. Since it still has these creatures and whatnot, my head can’t really process that well. These were the parts I liked the least.

For such a long book on a new topic to me, it was a fairly fast read. The cover picture is quite powerful, and the book can feel a bit intimidating, but after having read several books from the region, I knew this would be yet another book that will be different from what I usually read. I think this is a good choice for readers who enjoy myths and legends, and don’t mind the oddness of it all.

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