Guatemala: Fascinating People in a Troubled Land

My one wish when I started looking for a book from Guatemala was that the book would have nothing to do with magical realism. I was lucky enough to find the wonderful Rites: A Guatemalan Boyhood by Victor Perera, which is a memoir about growing up as a Jewish boy in the violent country of … Continue reading Guatemala: Fascinating People in a Troubled Land


Grenada: A Thriller Moving as Fast as a Hurricane

At first I was quite sure I would not be able to get a hold of a book from Grenada, but then I found Hurricane Fever by Tobias S. Buckell. I haven’t been too thrilled about many science fiction books, because they are mostly a bit too far out there for me, but I have … Continue reading Grenada: A Thriller Moving as Fast as a Hurricane

Greece: Freedom or Death or Freedom and Death?

I realized I know next to nothing about Greek literature after the ultra-classics of Plato and the other men made into white statues. I went to the local second hand English bookstore to get some books for my challenge, and they had been nice enough to set aside books from countries with not so many … Continue reading Greece: Freedom or Death or Freedom and Death?

Ghana: A Family Saga Split into Two

The sad thing about African literature and me is, that if I understand it the author has lived or is living in a Western country, otherwise the books are extremely traditional, and with a mixture of fantasy, beliefs, religion, which makes them hard for me to follow at times. This is why I found Yaa … Continue reading Ghana: A Family Saga Split into Two

Germany: Life Before the Nazis

So many books to choose from, which is obviously good for me, but I decided that for this challenge I will not read a book about the Holocaust. I have read many of these books in the past. As a matter of fact, as a child I was obsessed with books about Germany in the … Continue reading Germany: Life Before the Nazis

Georgia: Lost in this World

In general I am not a big fan of shorts stories making up a whole book. For me one long and intriguing story is what I’m looking for. I don’t mind novellas, if they are well-written, and have enough context to give me the feeling of just finishing a beautiful piece of literature. Once in … Continue reading Georgia: Lost in this World

Gambia: Three Options, One Choice

A girl is about to become a woman, not only because she is 18, but because she has also decided to lose her virginity, but to whom… She has shortlisted three men, and it is indeed a larger than life choice she has to make, because her decision will affect her whole life in every … Continue reading Gambia: Three Options, One Choice

Gabon: My Mother

I found exactly one book from Gabon in English, and luckily I was able to purchase a copy of it online. These African countries with only one or two books available tend to be “as African as they can be”. This applies to Mema by Daniel Mengara in many ways as well. Old versus new, … Continue reading Gabon: My Mother

France: Unconventional Friendships

At first I thought I haven’t read many French books, but when I started going through lists of popular/classic/must-read French books and authors I realized I have indeed read a lot of them. After figuring this out I decided I wanted to read something contemporary, something different; and that is how I ended up reading … Continue reading France: Unconventional Friendships

Central African Republic: Oral, Not Written 

It took me awhile to get this book from the Central African Republic, but now I’ve finally read it! African Tales: Folklore of the Central African Republic (by Rodney Wimer and Polly Strong) is definitely different from the books I’ve read this far, because this is the first book during this challenge of mine based … Continue reading Central African Republic: Oral, Not Written