Still Short of a Few Books

I knew from the beginning it would be a real challenge, because there are several countries with only one or two books and authors. I was lucky enough to find quite a few of these books along the way, but as I feared, the small island countries in the Pacific would create some problems. They … Continue reading Still Short of a Few Books

Zimbabwe: Beautifully Written, Insightful, and Perceptive

I am pleased that Zimbabwe is the last country on the list, because I have a soft spot for the country and its people. I love traveling there, and I even sponsor a couple of AIDS orphan girls in Harare. I have read about every book set in Zimbabwe I’ve been able to get my … Continue reading Zimbabwe: Beautifully Written, Insightful, and Perceptive

Zambia: The Challenge between Old and New

Zambia, as so many other countries have gone through, and is still going through big changes in the society, and the way people think. There is always the pressure of tradition and modern life. Do you choose the old ways or your own ways? Bitterness by Malama Katulwende is therefore an apt description of what … Continue reading Zambia: The Challenge between Old and New

Tonga: Myths, Legends, and War

As it seems to be like with islands in the Pacific, it is difficult to find books from these countries, and I was only able to find one from Tonga. Luckily, this is a book that can actually be found online. I was eagerly waiting for the physical book to arrive, but it took its … Continue reading Tonga: Myths, Legends, and War

Yemen: What Happened to Jasmin?

Yemen is apparently not a country famous for its authors, at least not translated fiction, so this time around it was easy to choose the only book I found. At least then you can’t second guess your choice, since there is no other option. It is also quite nice not to have to sort out … Continue reading Yemen: What Happened to Jasmin?

Vietnam: Duality, War, identity, and Confession

I expected to find a lot of books set in Vietnam and written by Vietnamese authors, but I was surprised to learn that it wasn’t the case. I would have been interested in reading about normal life in Vietnam. What people do, fear, think, and feel. I will keep an eye on a book like … Continue reading Vietnam: Duality, War, identity, and Confession

eSwatini: Girls’ Boarding School Years

The last absolute Monarchy of Africa is an interesting country. It has changed name from Swaziland to eSwatini after I started my reading journey around the globe. It is not an easy country to find a book from, but lucky there seems to be one author whose books can be found in English. It took … Continue reading eSwatini: Girls’ Boarding School Years

Venezuela: Cancer and Hypochondria

I would have expected to find a lot of books from Venezuela, but that was not the case. After looking up books online I quite easily found The Sickness by Alberto Barrera Tyszka, so I bought it. No other reason behind it really. Although, it is most definitely a different kind of book from what … Continue reading Venezuela: Cancer and Hypochondria

Vatican: More than Brotherly Love?

Never an easy task to find a book set in a European microstate written by a local. In the case of the Vatican you can’t really expect to find an author native to the place. I have read many books set in the Vatican, usually fictitious, but a couple of years ago I read a … Continue reading Vatican: More than Brotherly Love?

Luxembourg: Short Stories about People in a Small Country

I have been looking for a book from Luxembourg for ages. There are books, but only written in the national languages, or books set in Luxembourg written by foreigners. Since I’m approaching the end of my read the world journey, and Luxembourg is the only empty space in Europe I was extremely happy to see … Continue reading Luxembourg: Short Stories about People in a Small Country