San Marino: Pottery and Arms

The first and smallest microstate is a real challenge when it comes to finding books and authors. Turns out it is mission impossible. There is not a single fictive novel written by a native to be found. I knew from before of one “book”, more of a booklet, or an old info leaflet for tourists, … Continue reading San Marino: Pottery and Arms

Tajikistan: Post-Soviet Times

Tajikistan turned out to be a bit of a challenge, since I could not get hold of a book from there. I know there are at least a couple of books translated, so I kept on looking for them. It took me a long time, but I was extremely lucky to find Hurramabad by Andrei … Continue reading Tajikistan: Post-Soviet Times

Uzbekistan: Ten Short Stories

Uzbekistan is a country that somehow manages to slip through my fingers in a way that I don’t know much about this country. After searching for a book from this country for a while, I realized there’s one I can get my hands on. I wanted to find a novel but finding a collection of … Continue reading Uzbekistan: Ten Short Stories

Uruguay: Gloomy Sadness of Slow Despair

I have been very lucky with finding books from South America, but then strangely I had problems finding a single book from Uruguay. I have learned to be happy about getting my hands on even one single book from a country, because in the end that is what I need. I finally found Past Caring? … Continue reading Uruguay: Gloomy Sadness of Slow Despair

United States: Sports Agent in New York

Another country filled with books and authors. I have read so many American books from classics to cozy mysteries, literary fiction to humor, that I have lost count. It is simply impossible to choose one book to read for this challenge, so I decided to read the next book waiting for me in the ever-growing … Continue reading United States: Sports Agent in New York

United Kingdom: England Back in the Days

The problem with a country like the U.K. is that there are simply way too many books to choose from. I read a lot of books from the U.K., so I decided a long time ago that once I get to this point in my reading challenge, I would simply read the next book in … Continue reading United Kingdom: England Back in the Days

United Arab Emirates: Decisions, Decisions

I was surprised to see that there are not that many books from UAE out there. It was not a hard mission to find one, and you can easily get this one as an e-book, but I was looking for something different, but couldn’t find what I was looking for this time. I didn’t have … Continue reading United Arab Emirates: Decisions, Decisions

Ukraine: What Happened in Ukraine

I was surprised when I realized I haven’t read a single book written by a Ukrainian author. Strangely enough I couldn’t even think of one single Ukrainian author. I started looking up literature from Ukraine but turned out it was not so easy to get hold of many of the books. I was lucky enough … Continue reading Ukraine: What Happened in Ukraine

Uganda: To Get a Life with a Wife

Uganda is on my list of countries I am planning on travelling to soon, and I have read up quite a bit on this small African country. I know quite a bit about the fauna and national parks, as well as history, but i haven’t read a book written by a local until now. It … Continue reading Uganda: To Get a Life with a Wife

Turkmenistan: Fighting against the Regime

Another country I thought might give me gray hairs trying to find a book I can get. These former Soviet countries seem to have a rich literary history, but as can be expected, not that many books have been translated into the English. I have to be honest and say that even though I prefer … Continue reading Turkmenistan: Fighting against the Regime