Vatican: More than Brotherly Love?

Never an easy task to find a book set in a European microstate written by a local. In the case of the Vatican you can’t really expect to find an author native to the place. I have read many books set in the Vatican, usually fictitious, but a couple of years ago I read a … Continue reading Vatican: More than Brotherly Love?

Luxembourg: Short Stories about People in a Small Country

I have been looking for a book from Luxembourg for ages. There are books, but only written in the national languages, or books set in Luxembourg written by foreigners. Since I’m approaching the end of my read the world journey, and Luxembourg is the only empty space in Europe I was extremely happy to see … Continue reading Luxembourg: Short Stories about People in a Small Country

San Marino: Pottery and Arms

The first and smallest microstate is a real challenge when it comes to finding books and authors. Turns out it is mission impossible. There is not a single fictive novel written by a native to be found. I knew from before of one “book”, more of a booklet, or an old info leaflet for tourists, … Continue reading San Marino: Pottery and Arms

United Kingdom: England Back in the Days

The problem with a country like the U.K. is that there are simply way too many books to choose from. I read a lot of books from the U.K., so I decided a long time ago that once I get to this point in my reading challenge, I would simply read the next book in … Continue reading United Kingdom: England Back in the Days

Ukraine: What Happened in Ukraine

I was surprised when I realized I haven’t read a single book written by a Ukrainian author. Strangely enough I couldn’t even think of one single Ukrainian author. I started looking up literature from Ukraine but turned out it was not so easy to get hold of many of the books. I was lucky enough … Continue reading Ukraine: What Happened in Ukraine

Switzerland: Guilty Even Before Proven

I am quite sure I have never read an adult fiction book written by a Swiss author. I have read Heidi as a child, and I have read several books set in Switzerland, but not written by a Swiss author. The selection was not great either when I started looking for one, but one author … Continue reading Switzerland: Guilty Even Before Proven

Sweden: Stand by Your Team?

I have to say I prefer countries with only one or two books to read, because it makes it quite simple to choose. Since Swedish is one of my native languages, I can read pretty much all the books out there. I have read an overwhelming amount of Nordic crime and thrillers books lately, so … Continue reading Sweden: Stand by Your Team?

Spain: A Woman on a Mission

I have read a lot of Spanish books, but I realized they were usually set back in the days, or written a long time ago, so for this challenge I wanted something a bit more modern. Well, technically I did not end up reading a modern-day book, but at least it was written in our … Continue reading Spain: A Woman on a Mission

Slovenia: One Woman, Five Stories

I expected to have some choice when it came to Slovenia, but I was only able to get hold of one book, so no exciting backstory how I ended up reading this book. I have not yet been to Slovenia but based on the pictures I want to travel around the countryside, and I bet … Continue reading Slovenia: One Woman, Five Stories

Slovakia: A Choice to Be Made

I tried to find a contemporary book set in Slovakia, but I was unsuccessful in my attempt. I ended of finding only one book at my library that was set in Slovakia and written by a Slovakian author. I have been trying to avoid reading too many books set during the Second World War, but … Continue reading Slovakia: A Choice to Be Made