There are many challenges along the way to the finish line. I have composed a list of the challenges worth mentioning, and this list will most likely grow along the way.

Andorra: I could not find a book in English set in Andorra as well as written by an author from Andorra.

Barbados: I found the book I decided was the right one for me and the blog. I ordered it immediately, and it was supposed to arrive within 1-2 weeks… I am still waiting for the book. I kept the blog going, and once I will get the book (hopefully the one I’ve ordered), I will immediately read it.

Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, East Timor: I’ve found good books, but the sellers won’t ship them to my country. Luckily I have friends all over the world and I will get the books through them.

Comoros: I have found one book translated to English. However, I can’t find a single copy to buy.